Brass adjustable nozzles high pressure spray garden nozzles


Product Details

Heavy-duty solid brass construction
Powerful jet stream to gentle shower
Fits standard garden hose
Adjustable Spray Pattern, turn the outside of the nozzle to adjust the water pattern for a spray that is just right for any use.
Powerful Stream, at full spray the nozzle creats a powerful stream to wash any outdoor surface
Great Cleanup Nozzle for walkways, patios, gutters and more


Nothing beats the durability of solid brass construction when it comes to power and performance in the yard and garden.
Wash the car, water the plants or pressure wash the patio and siding - you'll find dozens of uses for the solid brass combo pack!
The multi-purpose Water Hose Nozzle quickly adjusts from gentle shower to high-pressure stream in one smooth motion. Resists damage, stands up to abuse for reliable operation to last a lifetime. Solid brass one-piece inner core resists leakage for exceptional performance.
Instantly convert your standard garden hose into a pressure washing powerhouse to produce a concentrated jet stream to tackle a variety of heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Eliminate weeds in the walkway, power wash the wood fence and send dirt flying - the powerful, high-pressure jet sweeper attachment is perfect for removing gunk and grime from hubcaps, power washing the driveway, porch, patio, pool filters and much more.

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