1 Inch Brass Stop Valve

F1"*F1" brass stop valve The opening height of 1 inch brass stop valve is small in the process of opening and closing, and it is easy to adjust the flow rate.

Product Details

Production Describe:

1. Simple structure, convenient maintenance.
2. Effective work and quickly opening and closing.
3. Good sealing, small friction between sealing surface and long term life.
4. The structural forms of 1 inch brass stop valve body are straightly through. Straight through is the most common structure.
5. In the process of opening and closing, the friction of the sealing surface is smaller than that of the gate valve and it is wear-resistant.

Mould Number: LQ-3013




The installation and maintenance of brass stop valve:

1. Brass stop valves operated by hand wheel and handle can be installed at any position of the pipe.
2. Handwheel, handle and micromotor are not allowed to be hoisted.
3. The flow direction of the medium should be consistent with the arrow direction shown in the valve body.

How to operate the brass stop valve?

For brass stop valve,it is not only to learn how to install and maintain,but also should learn how to operation.

Use smooth force,do not hit the brass stop valves in the processing of opening and closing.

When the valves already opened,you should slight reverse hand wheel,tighten the threads,to avoid looseness damage.

At the first time when you use the pipeline,there will be some internal dirt,you can sight open the valve,and using high speed flow of medium to washed away them, then gently close (do not quick closing,to prevent the seal surface from residual impurities), open the valves again, repeat many times, clean dirt, then put in normally work.

Open the valve frequently,because the sealing surface may stick with dirt,want to use the same method to close the valves and wash clean, and then formally close.

If the handwheel handle damaged or lost,you should immediately match neat frequently,do not replace with adjustable wrench,in order to avoid damage to the valve stem,so that accidents will happen in production if the valves became ineffective.

For some medium, the stop valve should cooling after closed,in order to make the valve parts retract,operators should close it again in the appropriate time,make sure no crack leaving on the sealing surface,otherwise, medium will high-speed flow throught the thin space,it is easy to erosion the sealing surface.

If the operation became difficult,you should analysis the reason,if the padding is too tight, relax it appropriately.Inform the accendant to repair if the stem skew.Some times,the opening will be difficult when the closing parts heat expansion,If it must be opened at this point, loosen the cover thread by half a turn to eliminate the stress on the stem to eliminate stem stress,and then plate the handwheel.

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general brass
SIZEFemale1/2"*Female 1/2"
SUITABLE MEDIUMwater,non corrosive fluids

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