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Advantages of pneumatic ball valves compared with other valve types

Apr 17, 2017

1. The thrust bearing reduces the friction torque of the valve stem, which can make the stem long operation smoothly and flexibly.

2. Anti-static function: In the sphere, valve stem, valve body between the spring, the switch process can produce electrostatic export.

3. Because of PTFE materials such as good self-lubricating, and the ball friction loss of small, so pneumatic ball valve long service life.

4. Fluid resistance is small: pneumatic ball valve is a kind of the smallest fluid resistance in all valve classification, even the pneumatic ball valve with shrinking diameter, its fluid resistance is quite small.

5. The valve STEM seals reliable: because the valve stem only makes the movement of the rotation, but does not do the lifting motion, the valve stem packing seal is not easy to destroy, and the sealing ability increases with the medium pressure increasing.

6. Valve Seat Sealing performance: PTFE and other elastic materials made of sealing rings, the structure is easy to seal, and pneumatic ball valve sealing capacity with the increase of media pressure.