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H62 no lead brass material

May 18, 2019

Conform to the damand of market,No lead free brass materil is getting more popular.

No lead brass is a kind of brass material,the Pb component should be lower than 0.2%,such as C3700,C46500,C27450.These material is very normal to produce no lead valves and fittings.

Here I want to introduce H62,this material has 2 type,one we called national standard H62,the Pb component is low than 0.08%,it used to produce water drink valves and fittings,with nice tensile strength,easy to machine and cut.The another we called customzied H62,also named American standard H62,the pb component is low than 0.02%,very low lead,this kind of brass is softer,hard to machine and cut for subtle dimentions,usually we need to use machinning workshop,and clean the dust piece by piece.Meanwhile,the cost of this material is more expensive than others.