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The advantages of ball valves in various applications

Apr 17, 2017

1. Fluid resistance is small, the full diameter of the ball valve basically no flow resistance.

2. Simple structure, small size, light weight.

3. Tight and reliable. It has two sealing surfaces, and the sealing surface material of the ball valve is widely used in various plastics, good sealing and can be fully sealed. It is also widely used in vacuum systems.

4. Easy to operate, open and open quickly, from full open to all shut as long as rotating 90 °, easy to control long-distance.

5. Convenient maintenance, the ball valve structure is simple, sealing rings are generally active, disassembly and replacement are more convenient.

6. When fully open or closed, the sealing surface of the sphere and seat is isolated from the media, and the sealing surface of the valve will not be eroded when the media passes.

7. Wide range of applications, diameter from small to several millimeters, large to several meters, from high vacuum to high pressure can be applied.

8. Because the ball valve in the opening and closing process is wiping, so can be used with suspended solids in the medium.High processing precision, expensive, high temperature should not be used, such as the pipeline is impurities, easily blocked by impurities, resulting in valve cannot be opened.