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Check Valves For Various Types Of Systems

Apr 17, 2017

① Butterfly double valve Check valves are mainly used in the water pipes of high-rise buildings, which contain corrosive medium and sewage in fluid pipe network.

② The lifting type mute check valve is used in the pipeline of high quality of water supply and drainage engineering; At the same time can be installed in the pump outlet, demanding pressure (PN2.5MPA) relatively high pipe network; is a good product of waterproof hammer check valve.

③ The lifting type muffler check valve is suitable for the outlet of the drainage system of high-rise building and the pump, not suitable for the sewage piping occasion.

④ Horizontal check valves are suitable for diving, drainage, sewage pumps, especially for sewage and sludge systems.

⑤ Rotary rubber Check valves are used in urban water pipe network systems, and are not suitable for sewage pipelines with many deposits.

⑥ Swing single Valve Check valves are widely used, can be installed in water supply and drainage, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, industrial and other tubes on the road, the space is the most suitable for the occasion of limited system.