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China Is Becoming A Leading Laboratory For The World's Environmental Technology

Jun 21, 2018

China has actively explored the path of resource-saving and friendly environment development,and taken an active part in global environmental governance.The huge market has cultivated more and more environmental protection technology enterprises.China is becoming a "laboratory" for global environmental technology.

The global water treatment technology enterprise Grundfos pump industry manufacturers located in Denmark's introduced to the reporter recently,the circulating pump products for civil building energy efficiency which is "customzied designed" by Chinese requirements is being popular markets such as India, Russia and the European.

The industry's points out,compared with the developed countries,there is still a gap in China's environmental protection industry ,but China roles a leading position in developing countries,some practical technology is more competitive than developed countries,it can provide developing countries with practical, value of environmental protection equipment.

Previously China announced the "One Belt And One Road" cooperation plan on ecological and environmental protection, which proposes to integrate the concept of ecological civilization and green development into the construction of One Belt And One Road by 2025. China will work on promoting the sharing of countries along the ecological civilization and the concept of green development and practice,ecological environmental protection cooperation platform, promote environmental protection social organizations and think-tank, exchanges and cooperation,and give full play to the functions of enterprise environmental governance.

The Shanghai international water show has attracted more than 3,400 Chinese and foreign exhibitors.Chinese environmental products and technologies are attracting more Latin American buyers at high quality and competitive prices.

The environmental protection industry is a typical technology-intensive industry,which is closely related to the level of economic and social development,the overall level of scientific research,the concentration of researchers and the public's awareness of environmental protection.