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The Development Status And Trend Of China's Copper Processing Industry

Jun 14, 2018

The situation of China's copper processing industry is mainly as follows: the economic performance index is stable, the profit is slightly increased, the profit rate of the industry is still low.Compared with 2016, the copper processing industry has increased, and the debt ratio has decreased. The yield increased year by year, and the yield of each variety increased. Long-term net imports, import substitution slowly. The strip, foil, rod and wire are net imports, while the copper pipe and copper clad plate are net exports.

At present, the main problems is: the development of high-end products has not been breakthrough, and the implementation of import substitution is slowly; High-end equipment and testing equipment are imported. Due to the rigid constraints of domestic resources, energy, environment, cost and other factors, China's international comparative advantage of copper processing is gradually declining. Some products are seriously homogeneous, leading to vicious price competition and weak profitability. Higher copper prices will have an impact on the long-term development of copper processing.

Puts forward the countermeasures and Suggestions to solve these problems, the industry has: encouraging independent innovation, strengthening technology research and development, promote the development of copper production towards high quality phase, catch up with and surpass the advanced international level. Improve equipment localization level, avoid being controlled by others; Promote the integration of the two, improve the level of modern copper processing industry; We will deepen supply-side structural reform, encourage mergers and acquisitions in the copper processing industry, and reduce overcapacity.