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The New Arrival Of Valves Industry---New Market Opportunity

Jul 04, 2018

Although the valve industry is facing challenges,but there is a chance behind the changes,the opportunities is always born with challenges,this situation forces the valve industry to say goodbye to the past,step to meet future as early as possible,and actively promote the transformation and upgrading of valve industry.

The bullish market environment and favorable national policies brought new vitality to the valve industry.As with the arrival of "made in China 2025" and "13th Five-Year Plan" issued by the state planning,state the strategy focus on manufacturing, the implementation of tax policies conducive to the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry,promote the reform of value-added tax,perfecting the enterprise research and development expenses nuclear method,lightens the manufacturing enterprise tax burden.It has greatly boosted the morale of manufacturing enterprises,as one of its branches,the valve industry will also usher in new development opportunities.

For industrial valves,with the improvement of government demands for energy development and the implementation of the strategy of sustainable development,it has brought new opportunities for the valve industry structural adjustment and industrial upgrading.Therefore,the auxiliary valves,new materials and valves for environmental protection materials in major projects such as electric power industry and petrochemical industry will become the new market development direction.In the civil valve market,serious overcapacity,and consumers' attention to environmental protection,energy-saving,environmental protection,high cost performance,high quality products will be consumers' priority.

Take "made in China 2025" as the standard and upgrade and innovate the r&d, production, operation, marketing and management methods of enterprises through the Internet of things, cloud computing and big data technology.To build a comprehensive digital management system to enhance the brand competitiveness of valve enterprises.

Look for new spots around the world .

With the signing of “the Asian infrastructure investment bank agreement” and the implementation of the "One Belt And One Road" strategy,China's valve industry opened a new door.A growing number of companies are also looking overseas to rediscover opportunities in surrounding countries and other markets,this is a huge opportunity for China's valve industry. Moreover,a large number of infrastructure projects are under way in neighboring countries,such as southeast Asia and the Middle East,gradually forming a new market focus, and there is a strong demand for valves.