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The Summer Solstice In China

Jun 21, 2018

The summer solstice is one of the twenty-four solar terms on June 21 or 22 in the Gregorian calendar.On the summer solstice, when the sun hits the ground at its northernmost point of the year,almost directly north of the tropic of cancer, the northern hemisphere has the longest daylight and the longer it travels north.During this period, almost areas of China have high temperature, sufficient sunshine,rapid crop growth and large physiological and ecological water demand.At this time, rainfall has a great impact on agricultural production,it is said that "summer solstice raindrops value thousands of gold."

The eating custom on summer solstice,In beijing,the local people said "Winter solstice dumplings summer solstice noodles",on the day of the summer solstice,they would like to eating noodles. According to the customs and habits of old Beijing,because this time the climate is hot, eat some cold thing will not decrease internal heat appetizing, and it won't damage your health.On the summer solstice,Beijing noodle shops are very popular.No matter the noodle shop's or sichuan cold noodles, Dan Dan noodles, braised pork noodles or Fried noodles, all kinds of noodles are "popular".