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Transfiguration Of Chinese Manufacturing Factory

May 18, 2019

China is know as a world factory,ten year ago,most chinese factory has no technical,they didn't know how to design and create new item by themselves,but only produced according to foreigner's design,people always said the Chinese goods was very cheap and low quality.

Through long times to learning and developing the ability,chinese factory grow up quickly,now they paid more attention on developing technical instead of orders,more and more chinese factory has ability to research new products in order to adapt to ever-changing market,chinese people always hard working,and received the revognition of the world!

Our factory-Liqun valve also in this movement,a few decades ago,our European clients placed first order to us,then we opened the marked to the world,and try our best to sell our valves to more countries,and improved our quality and service day by day,we are lucky,our first client still work with us and became old friends with us.Our technist help them to design the new items instead of following their steps,more and more new projects we get,more and more field we involved,such as industrial engineering,goverment prodect,farming agriculture,garden systerm engineering and so on.

We also keeping develop new items in future,please keeping focus on us!