Pressure Reducing Industrial Radiator Water Gas Control Brass Ball Valve

Item no:LQ-337 Size:1/2"*3/4" Function:heating system air release valve.

Product Details
From raw materials to finished products, we manufacture our liquefied gas brass quick radaptor, wate gun connection nozzles, Pipeline repair hardware accessories with advanced production capacity, and you can buy and use it with confidence. At all times, we need always adhere to the national interest first and insist that the corporate interest unconditionally obey the national interest. We have very good talents, advanced technology and a complete scientific quality management system, all of which ensure that the product quality is stable and is always at the leading level in the industry. We regard 'respecting knowledge, attaching importance to education and developing technology 'as our strategic work.

Laton brass CW617N 

25Bar max pressure,adjustable prise.

outlet pressure:1-6bar

temperature range 5-70°C

Relying on our own technical advantages and management advantages, we strive to create Pressure Reducing Industrial Radiator Water Gas Control Brass Ball Valve that is superior to the current level in the market in terms of product performance and quality. We use our technical and marketing advantages to continuously absorb modern scientific and technological achievements, and strive to improve production for customers. Our company was born in the new era of high standards in the industry. We are born with high standards. We want to continue this high starting point and high requirements temperament.
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